Why Your First Song Is Just The Beginning

Nate FancherSongwriting

It’s your first song, and you’re eager to “get it out there”. Perhaps you’ve worked on the same song for months; tweaking it a little every day for a long time until it’s just right. You’re thinking it’s ready for the big publishing deal, so you record a demo and post it on Soundcloud. Then you sit back, anticipating thousands … Read More

Evernote For Songwriting: How To Write More Songs, More Quickly

Nate FancherSongwriting

I love Evernote. I use it for almost everything. A few years ago I had a breakthrough morning in my songwriting. I discovered Evernote for songwriting and finished 5 songs in one morning. It was the most productive day in my life as a songwriter. It was a Friday, and I had the whole morning to myself. I felt this … Read More

The 5 Keys To Achieve Great Musicianship

Nate FancherMindset

YOU MAY BE A SKILLED MUSICIAN, BUT DO YOU HAVE SKILLED MUSICIANSHIP? Developing great musicianship isn’t rocket science. It’s actually very simple. But there are a few things that need to always be in your mindset as you develop. If you keep these things in the mix in one way or another every day, you’re going to dramatically grow, and … Read More

How To Instantly Improve Your Songwriting Craft

Nate FancherSongwriting

Do you make art as an end in itself? Does your songwriting stop at self-expression for you? If so, then my thoughts here probably won’t apply to you. This post is all about how to improve your songwriting, with three practical ways to do so. If songwriting is only a means of personal self expression you don’t need to actually … Read More

The Four Songwriter Archetypes

Nate FancherSongwriting

I’d like to give you one more lesson from Songwriting Good To Great: The Business for FREE. In it I cover what I call the 4 Songwriter Archetypes…. Here they are… The Faceless Super Writer The Classic Singer/Songwriter The Recording Artist Songwriter The Composer Songwriter The way you approach songwriting falls into one of these four types (or a blend … Read More