The Current Music Industry Landscape

Nate FancherMindset

The current music industry landscape is in trouble.

News flash:

Most people know this, but the music business has been in a massive transition….

We are now living in incredible times for artists and songwriters to forge their own destinies as creatives.

What does this mean?

It means they can build businesses around their music like never before.

The gatekeepers are gone, and you no longer need to wait for permission to do something great.

But there’s still a big problem that not many people recognize….

….With the gatekeepers out of the way a hard truth has been exposed to many artists and creatives:

All along the way independent musicians themselves were always the ones that have been responsible for their success (or failure).


You know it and feel it yourself….

…there are a lot of skills to learn these days, a lot of things to manage, and a lot of tools to figure out completely on your own as an independent musician.

Web design, social media, branding, building your email list, connecting with tastemakers.

We could keep going!

But let’s leave all the aside for now and talk just about songwriting…

Perhaps you’ve wrestled with the following things:

…You’re newer to songwriting and you feel the need to get serious about your development, but feel lost on how to get started.

…You feel like you are out there all by yourself, and need accountability and a network of songwriters who won’t let you quit.

…You wrestle with your songs wondering if they’re any good (and when you share them with people you don’t get the response you’d like to get).

…You’ve tried reading through books on songwriting, but felt like there was something missing.

…You see yourself writing hit songs in the future, making an income as a published writer, but you have no clue where to start.

Is there a solution for all this? Where should we start?

It’s much simpler than people realize….

You simply need to change your mindset, and develop yourself as a hard working independent creative.

And that’s what The Independent Musician is all about.

At T.I.M. Academy, we are committed to helping indie artists get armed with the right knowledge and skill sets needed to launch meaningful independent careers in the new music economy.

And in Songwriting Good To Great you will get just that:

Great songwriters are not born…

They are developed. Songwriting is a craft that can be taught, practiced, and nurtured into a skill…

….a skill that you can use for the rest of your life in your music.

Songwriting is an awesome way to express yourself, and to have an impact in other people’s lives…

And when you become a member of the Songwriting Good To Great community, you get the tools, resources, and accountability to help you develop that skill.

So don’t settle for good. Go for GREAT.

Here’s what you get:

When you enroll today in the complete Songwriting Good To Great program for 98% off the regular price you get a bundle of 4 different courses….

  • Songwriting Good To Great (Developing The Craft) – 30+ lessons
  • Songwriting Good To Great (Developing The Business) – 20+ lessons
  • T.I.M.’s Quickstart Action Plan – 7 step action plan for your online presence.
  • T.I.M.’s Fan Funnel Action Plan – 7 step action plan for learning Google Analytics.


  • T.I.M. Monthly Group Coaching (for a year!!) – this alone is a $1,000 value!

You’ll become a member of the first “deep-dive program” at T.I.M. a growing community helping indie artists and songwriters go from good to GREAT.

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