Why Your First Song Is Just The Beginning

Nate FancherSongwriting

It’s your first song, and you’re eager to “get it out there”. Perhaps you’ve worked on the same song for months; tweaking it a little every day for a long time until it’s just right. You’re thinking it’s ready for the big publishing deal, so you record a demo and post it on Soundcloud. Then you sit back, anticipating thousands to flock to it. Bring on the grammy nomination!

But here’s the problem…

…If you can count the number of songs you’ve written on one hand, then you’re most likely not ready for that big deal (whatever that is anyway).

If you’re just getting started in songwriting, don’t put all your eggs in the basket of those first few songs. They’re not as good as you think they are.

“Wow you’re mean Nate.”

Allow me to illustrate what I mean…

When you first start in anything creative, your brain is like an attic that hasn’t ever been cleaned out. Clutter has been piling up over the years, and it’s time to do the hard work. It’s time to purge.

In order to start getting back to a place of peace and sanity, the attic needs to be cleared of all the junk first. Once you’ve done that you begin to get somewhere.

The same is true when you write songs. At first, your lyrics and melodies are like the clutter that needs to be sorted through – and much of it thrown away. You may be nostalgic over those old trophies and ribbons you won back in high school when you ran track, but you wouldn’t go around wearing them right? (I hope not)

When I think of the first song I ever wrote, it’s a bit like coming across those old awards. I don’t play it at a gig, or think that I’ll re-record it sometime. In this sense the song is still around, but it’s really just a reminder to do one thing:

Keep writing!

Your first song is just the beginning. Keep clearing out the clutter, song after song, and at some point, something great will come out. You’ll have a peaceful, clear-headed posture to write some pretty great stuff… But you have to keep writing, because that old clutter will start to build back up again.

This is why I love my Evernote Songwriting Method so much.

It helps me stay organized and uncluttered in such a way that I have a stress-free way of writing songs, and it keeps me from staying on one song for too long. I try to finish what I can, ignore what’s going nowhere, and stay fresh along the way.

Quantity will bring quality

Keep writing.

As soon as you have ten songs, write ten more… This is isn’t something you’re going to stop doing right? The best is yet to come. But in order to get there, you have to keep moving forward.

So… stop reading this and go write another song!


What’s the name of the first song you ever wrote? Let us know in the comments below!

Feel free to share the story too for extra credit… 🙂