How To Use Sniply

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Sniply is a fantastic way to highlight great content on the web and point people back to relevant content on your site.

By simply “snipping” the URL, either with their browser extension or their awesome web app, Sniply generates a call to action button to show up directly on whatever content you’re sharing.

Watch my video tutorial to see exactly how I use it.

How To Use Sniply

It’s an awesome win/win scenario. You can promote someone else’s content, while having a call to action button, from their content, linking back to yours.

If you’re being generous and sharing other people’s content, why not piggy back on their’s to get more traffic back to relevant content on your own blog?

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that you’re a singer/songwriter with a new album that’s coming out to help raise awareness about the horrific problem that is human trafficking.

You partner with the great organization Freedom Firm and drive traffic to their site, while having a call to action button show up at the bottom of the page, directing people to a landing page that you created on your blog where you’re selling your album.


It’s an awesome new tool. You don’t need to do a line of code, or anything super advanced. It’s as easy as cutting and pasting.

Sniply simply generate a new URL that shows your CTA as an overlay to the main content.

So instead of sharing something the normal URL:

You would share this newly generated URL with the Sniply overlay:

It’s easier than ever to drive more engagement from content that you already share and get more traffic back your site,

Just learn how to use Sniply.

For a more detailed, step-by-step blog post, head over to my blog at the link below.

You’ll learn exactly how to get more traffic using this great new tool.

Do it! Learn how to use Sniply today!

Check out this detailed blog post about it at my personal blog.


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