Tools For Effective Songwriting (Part 1)

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In this series, I’d like to share some thoughts on the process of songwriting. I also will mention some tools that writers should use during that process. Every creative person has a unique approach to what they do; however, there are some basic principles that we should all apply.

I believe that songwriting can be broken down into three important ingredients:


The three are not usually equal for every song. But every song is birthed from a place where all three are present. Inspiration is a catalyst for creativity; Creativity is a stream that flows in real time, keeping you moving with your ideas; Craftsmanship is the refining process that improves and completes those ideas.

The common problem for most writers is execution. People don’t write regularly or finish songs because their system for writing (or lack thereof) isn’t facilitating these three key ingredients. For each of them to be effective you’ll need the right systems and tools in place to be productive.

Effective songwriters will primarily need tools in the following categories:

  • Tools for capturing
  • Tools for researching
  • Tools for refining
  • Tools for archiving

In the coming days I will highlight tools in each of these areas that can help expedite your songwriting. I also invite the thoughts and comments of others if you’re a songwriter.

Don’t hesitate to add your ideas and the methods you use to the mix…


Part One: Inspiration, Creativity, Craftsmanship
Part Two: CAPTURE!!!
Part Three: Do Your Research
Part Four: Refining (Skip this at your own risk…)
Part Five: Create a System
Part Six: Application

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